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Wedding gift May 22, 2008

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So, the rather lengthy absence started with a wedding. Our good friends Ed&Flick decided to tie the knot in the beautiful location of Brickendon, Tasmania, which made the perfect excuse for a 3 week holiday on this beautiful island and a week spent in and around Melbourne. We had a fab time (more to follow soon, I promise!!) but of course one can not come empty handed.

So I made this bowl in my big throwing class as a present for them, it’s still way to thick at the base, which made it quite a challenge to take as handluggage. However, it made it safely through Paris and Singapore to Melbourne even though we had a hairy moment at customs with the swiss delicacies including chocolates and pate. But we were honest people, declared everything and were let through without any trouble so it could reach it’s final destination.

I had a little bit of trouble letting go as it’s the biggest piece I’ve made so far and I was really pleased how the glaze turned out with dripping colour variations. It was soooo shiny! But it belongs in Oz as I’d set out to make it for them since last summer already. We enjoyed some fabulous salads from it whilst in Melbourne and I hope their life together will be filled with yummy meals (not so difficult as Flick is a stellar cook!).


Needle holder May 14, 2008

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A birthday present for a knitting fanatic friend. Loosely based on this tutorial but with improvisation and changes. I loved the ribbon from the moment I saw it in Ikea almost 2 years ago and am pleased I finally found a purpose for it. Don’t make the same mistake as I did though and sew it all the way along cause I had to take the stitches out again as it only needs to be attached in a small part.


Still alive… May 6, 2008

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No need to panic people….I’ve not been eaten by Tasmanian devils! Although we saw quite a few of them, they were all friendly (and enclosed) so no danger there. Also not carried of by creepy crawlies or stuck on a deserted island (unfortunately). Just had a fantastic month in Tasmania seeing great friends, enjoying the sun, sea and country side and eating lots of yummy food. Settling in has taken a bit longer then expected and life has been busy as ever full of fun-filled weekends in the snow and sun.

Then last weekend was  a bank holiday and Barry and I went back to Dundee to catch up with friends, we had a fabulous time hanging out in old haunts and meeting everyone. However, I was semi-sternly reminded that they didn’t know what I was up to due to a lack of posts and so here we are….a lot has happened both in normal and crafty life so I’ll slowly try to catch up and fill you in on my travel and projects from recent months.


Set of two…. January 14, 2008

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…bowls that I glazed last year in matching colours.  I used a combination of two glazes in different variations. They didn’t quite turn out as expected but even better! Part of that is that something seems to have changed since my teacher got her kiln fixed, the glazes are more shiny and they react a bit different. I think that’s where the little black/grey/sparkly bits have come from – at least that’s my very non-scientific description- don’t ask me about which elements react with each other to form what colour I’m still trying to learn that.


Pinky pottery January 5, 2008

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These little beauties came out of the kiln last year (we’re still in Tasmania). I’m specially chuffed with the little white detail and the handle on the shaped bowl. I had thought of using it as a gravy/sauce bowl but didn’t make a lip so it pours pretty bad. but it looks very pretty with pickled onions when having fondue.

Hot feet January 1, 2008

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Here’s one I made last year as we’re still enjoying our extended holiday in Tasmania!
We have a big bed. When moving here we decided to splurg and go for a 200×220 bed which is great but as the days are getting shorter and it was getting colder it’s harder to heat….and who wants to get into a big cold bed…not me. So we bought a hot water bottle/ but this was a bit hard and plasticy so now I made this cover with some pieces of felt I was given as a sinterklaas present. Now the feet are nice and warm and happy with their soft bed companion.

Christmas and more excitement December 26, 2007

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So I had a whole series of posts planned but the last few weeks have just flown and not it’s boxing day! And in an hour
we’ll be getting onto a bus to get to a plane and another one and another one and then in about 26 hours we’ll be landing in Melbourne to start our 4 week holiday! I’m so excited! Good friends of both Barry and me are getting married in Tasmania in January and we decided it was a great opportunity to catch up with them, see them on their special day, meet other friends who are attending and spend some time on what promises to be a fabulous island. So there won’t be so much posting done although the bag definitely has some wool in it. I hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve and see you in 2008!