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Very late but very loved… July 3, 2008

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This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for ages!! What can I say, life gets in the way as usual with wonderful weather and therefore lots of BBQ’s and Rhine swimming (the local Basel sport). But tonight it’s raining so a good time to finally talk about something long overdue. Back in November Mia from One Hour Craft organized a journal swap. I was lucky enough to be partnered up with the very talented ninox from Creating Ftw! and set about making a journal for her. We both sent ours of late as we got the dates mixed up but mine arrived just in time before going to Tasmania!

I was very impressed with that it was totally handmade, love the paper and the clasp/closing is beautiful. I like how the snake kind of stares at you knowingly perhaps about what’s inside, perhaps about what you’re going to put in or perhaps just staring into space. I immediately decided it would be my travel journal and inspiration book during the Tasmania travels and it did well, however when back there was still a lot of free space. So now it’s my pottery inspiration/techniques/projects/German words book and slowly filling up with wonderful things. Check out what she did with mine for some amazing images.


2 Responses to “Very late but very loved…”

  1. Di Says:

    Hi Eva
    It’s really beautiful! I hope to have your pay it forward gift ready to post soon!!

    Hope all is well

  2. ninox Says:

    I am glad to hear you like it! And its awesome to t hink that after sending it to you it came back to australia for a visit! Traveling books are great!

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