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Autumn lights October 21, 2007

Filed under: Random Craft — Eva @ 7:59 pm


It’s well and truly autumn here with leaves falling off the trees, cold sunny days (6°C today!) and preparations for the Basler Herbstmesse (autumn market) are in full swing. So I decided to match our inside light with the season. This light is one of my favourite pieces in the apartment. When we moved in here one year ago (!!) we did the standard expat thing, went to Ikea, bought a couch, table, wardrobe, lights, plates and glasses. As we were almost at the checkout (or safe as Barry calls it), my eye fell on these Christmas decorations and I was sold. As I was trying to talk myself out of buying one, Barry convinced me that if I really wanted it, I should just get it, treat myself, we could always hang it in the window for the holiday season. But I had a much bigger and better plan….it would become our all-year-round dinning table light! And there it has been, perched from a wooden slat so we can move it around the room and give atmospheric light to our dinners. Now the light from it is even better with a lovely orange glow as it bounces off these lanterns. I hope autumn will stay for a long time.


One Response to “Autumn lights”

  1. Di Says:

    I love the light and the little autumn decorations!!

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