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Hot feet January 1, 2008

Filed under: Sewing,Uncategorized — Eva @ 3:11 pm

Here’s one I made last year as we’re still enjoying our extended holiday in Tasmania!
We have a big bed. When moving here we decided to splurg and go for a 200×220 bed which is great but as the days are getting shorter and it was getting colder it’s harder to heat….and who wants to get into a big cold bed…not me. So we bought a hot water bottle/ but this was a bit hard and plasticy so now I made this cover with some pieces of felt I was given as a sinterklaas present. Now the feet are nice and warm and happy with their soft bed companion.

One Response to “Hot feet”

  1. Di Says:

    Hi Eva!
    Glad you are enjoying Tasmania and I love the hot water bottle cover!! Happy New Year!! I got your card today (returned from my travels to Dundee)- thank you!!


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