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Cylindra, Goddess of Power…. November 4, 2007

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…was the title of the pottery course my teacher held for us this summer. It was all about how to work with big quantities of clay on the wheel to get the result you want. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go as I didn’t feel quite confident enough with my throwing skills to move onto bigger pieces, plus it was pretty pricey. In the end, she convinced me to go as she said I would learn a lot and also improve my current skills. So off we went, there was three of us in the class, which was a good number and for four consecutive days we battled our big (5-7kg) lumps of clay. I found it very tough going, specially the first few days as in the 3 hour classes we would make 1-2 pieces and I would mostly collapse/ruin them. Then day three, I started to get the hang of it a bit and by the end I managed to produce some decent stuff. So was it worth it? I’m not sure, I definitely learned a lot but feel I would have done better if I had been a bit more advanced already. However, it has definitely helped my throwing on a smaller scale and with time I think I will get back to the bigger pieces again but at the moment, I don’t feel like a goddess of power I have to say.


This bowl is one of the pieces I made during the course (they’re only coming out now as the kiln was broken for the last few months). It’s very thick at the bottom which makes it quite heavy but I’m pleased with the overall shape. I was also very pleased with how the glaze turned out, unfortunately, it dripped a lot at the bottom even though I’d cleaned off a good 2 cm ;-( My teacher suggested this is because it was so thick, it took a lot longer to cool and therefore dripped more. But I’m pleased with the end result and filled it with biscotti and little ghosts I made as a great birthday present for my good friend Simone!


3 Responses to “Cylindra, Goddess of Power….”

  1. Di Says:

    Hey! It looks absolutely amazing! Congratulations on mastering the large lumps of clay! I can’t wait to see what smaller pieces you can produce now – because they always looked pretty great before!

  2. Melynn Says:

    What a great bowl!

  3. […] I made this bowl in my big throwing class as a present for them, it’s still way to thick at the base, which made it quite a challenge […]

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