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Girlie baby blanket December 8, 2007

Filed under: Sewing,Weaving — Eva @ 7:05 am


I made this baby blanket as a present for one of Barry’s cousins. She had a baby girl in September (shows you how late I am!!). I got my inspiration from some lilies we had around the house and based the color scheme on it. I decided to weave this as it’s so much faster than knitting, however its still a new thing for me. Last year I went on a weaving weekend with friends of mine at our favourite local wool shop. I loved it and was full of enthusiasm, when I moved away from Dundee shortly after they gave me a small Ashford loom as present which was great. I haven’t used it as much as I would like (so many things to craft!) but this has definitely given me a taste for more. For the blanket I used cotton as it can be easily washed, the pattern is easily made with randomly alternating colours in the warp and then having even rows of weft. When finished I sewed it onto some purple fabric (not very straightly but that makes it look more “authentic” :-))and lined it with thin batting inside. I will be giving it to them tonight as we’re seeing them all in this fantastic hotel for their yearly family reunion.


One Response to “Girlie baby blanket”

  1. Di Says:

    This is just great! I am sure that they will love it! It just reminds me of our course – lovely picnics (supplied by you of course!) Hope that you have a fabby time at “that” hotel – it looks amazing!

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