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Family craft July 8, 2008

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Crafting was something we were taught early in our family. When we were little my brother and I would often draw, paint, play with clay, garden, cook or more with my parents as it was part of their “keep them away from the tele” regime (very successful and very happy about it now). My mum would do the more artsy stuff with us and my dad was more into woodwork.

Now that they’ve both retired, they have even more time for creating things as you can see here….This stool is their last project, they were inspired an exhibition they saw last year combining origami and furniture. After much puzzeling my mum figured out how to make it was composed and my dad put it all together. As family members, we all were given one and got to pick the colours we liked.

I chose orange and yellow to match our sleeping sofa cover (yellow) and notice board (orange) in the spare room where it functions as my sewing stool. By coincidence, I still had a scrap fo fabric left that matched perfectly so made a matching pillow to sit more comfortably during long sewing sessions.


Christmas and more excitement December 26, 2007

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So I had a whole series of posts planned but the last few weeks have just flown and not it’s boxing day! And in an hour
we’ll be getting onto a bus to get to a plane and another one and another one and then in about 26 hours we’ll be landing in Melbourne to start our 4 week holiday! I’m so excited! Good friends of both Barry and me are getting married in Tasmania in January and we decided it was a great opportunity to catch up with them, see them on their special day, meet other friends who are attending and spend some time on what promises to be a fabulous island. So there won’t be so much posting done although the bag definitely has some wool in it. I hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve and see you in 2008!


Happy birthday!! November 19, 2007

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I think I can safely blog about this now as most of these should have arrived at their destination?! A lot of my friends seem to have their birthdays in November (6) so at the end of October I did some massive card producing with this lovely set of wrapping ribbons, some white cardboard, a set of stamps and some plain brown cards. I was pleased with the result and think I’ll be making more of these soon.



Autumn lights October 21, 2007

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It’s well and truly autumn here with leaves falling off the trees, cold sunny days (6°C today!) and preparations for the Basler Herbstmesse (autumn market) are in full swing. So I decided to match our inside light with the season. This light is one of my favourite pieces in the apartment. When we moved in here one year ago (!!) we did the standard expat thing, went to Ikea, bought a couch, table, wardrobe, lights, plates and glasses. As we were almost at the checkout (or safe as Barry calls it), my eye fell on these Christmas decorations and I was sold. As I was trying to talk myself out of buying one, Barry convinced me that if I really wanted it, I should just get it, treat myself, we could always hang it in the window for the holiday season. But I had a much bigger and better plan….it would become our all-year-round dinning table light! And there it has been, perched from a wooden slat so we can move it around the room and give atmospheric light to our dinners. Now the light from it is even better with a lovely orange glow as it bounces off these lanterns. I hope autumn will stay for a long time.


Pay it forward exchange September 24, 2007

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It has been very quiet on the blog recently as life (and specially work) has been hectic. On top of that our digital camera broke so I didn’t have a chance to post about the few things I did get around to making. But with a new camera purchased and some exciting trips in sight, I decided to start back again slowly. This is one post that I’ve had to write as I was one of the thee people lucky enough to be part of my friend Diane’s pay it forward exchange. She makes the most beautiful things so I’m already looking forward to receiving my homemade wo0llie goodness. I like the idea of taking part in such a “chain-mail” on the web and have enjoyed the food ones I’ve been involved in. So of course, I have to keep it going too so here is my promise for the Pay it Forward challenge.


“I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.”



I’m not sure what I’ll make yet, and it might be sewn, kitted, pottery or something else random but it will definitely arrive within the year. So just leave me a comment if you’re interested and please keep the chain going with lots of beautiful hand-made goodies.



Quiet time August 26, 2007

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Not much to post about at the moment…I’m up to my arms in clay as yesterday was the first out of four sessions of my pottery course. We’re learning to work with big quantities of clay, so after banging up 20 kg, we threw our first 5 kg pot. Very different but learned a lot so will hopefully have some nice stuff to show after this week. In the mean time, I leave you with a picture of my newest purchase last night at Basel’s Brazilian festival. I found these beautiful earrings at one of the stands. They live locally and make so much pretty stuff I had to stop myself from buying more. I particularly liked the way they combined felt with silver (you could also buy these with little tufts of felt inside) but in the end decided on these. I’ll definitely be visiting their stall at the Herbstmesse this year.


Mary, Queen of lists! July 21, 2007

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My friend Mary was getting married a while ago and  for the hen weekend we each had to bring a small present that reminded us of her. I made this mini magnetic board with magnets for her after seeing this post as I had tonnes of magazines ready to go into the recycling. I thought I was bad for making them but she really is the Queen of lists. She gets terribly excited about making a plain old shopping list, sits down with a cup of tea for 15 min and even organizes her it by department/isle in the supermarket. It does make sense but somehow I’m not quite so organized. So hopefully this helped a little bit with all the planning for the big day.