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Set of two…. January 14, 2008

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…bowls that I glazed last year in matching colours.  I used a combination of two glazes in different variations. They didn’t quite turn out as expected but even better! Part of that is that something seems to have changed since my teacher got her kiln fixed, the glazes are more shiny and they react a bit different. I think that’s where the little black/grey/sparkly bits have come from – at least that’s my very non-scientific description- don’t ask me about which elements react with each other to form what colour I’m still trying to learn that.


3 Responses to “Set of two….”

  1. ninox Says:

    I love these bowls! Fantastic colors!

  2. Di Says:

    They’re great! The colours have come out really well!

  3. marystarosta Says:

    Looks like you used a matt and glossy or semi glossy glazes to interact with. Really like the affect! Plus your bowl shapes are nice too!

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