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No more pottery…. May 25, 2008

Filed under: Pottery — Eva @ 7:33 pm

….at least with my current teacher. When I got back from our Tassie trip, she announced that she was closing the studio at the end of April. This was pretty sad as I really enjoy making things and she had a fabulous collection of glazes. However, I also had my issues with the class and felt there wasn’t enough actual “teaching” or constructive criticism but just a lot of playing/messing about.

Knowing I only had 4 weeks left I set up a bit of a production line and was amazed by the quantity/quality I produced. I wanted to make some bowls and plates to match the butter dish I made a while ago to complete a breakfast set. So I made 6 plates, 3 bowls in varying sizes and a sugar pot as well.

I’m really pleased how they turned out, the bowl are nice and thin at the bottom and like the fact that the plates all have different shapes/sizes even though it wasn’t meant that way (something to learn properly in the future). The glazing worked out pretty well although there are some bare spots on it (she assured me one coat would be enough….not!) but that doesn’t bother us too much and we enjoy eating breakfast (and desserts!) from them.


4 Responses to “No more pottery….”

  1. Di Says:

    Eva, these are really beautiful! I love the colour and the bowls look so perfect! I am impressed!

  2. India Says:

    These are lovely. You are inspiring me to try pottery, but as my Deutsch is embryonic to say the least, I guess it’ll have to wait awhile…

  3. Gwen Erin Says:

    I agree in regards to the plates. I like the varying sizes. What fun to enjoy breakfast on your own handmade dishes!

  4. Janet Ching Says:

    Wow, they are gorgeous. I am also from Basel, nice to meet someone also from Basel in the blogosphere!

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