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Wedding gift May 22, 2008

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So, the rather lengthy absence started with a wedding. Our good friends Ed&Flick decided to tie the knot in the beautiful location of Brickendon, Tasmania, which made the perfect excuse for a 3 week holiday on this beautiful island and a week spent in and around Melbourne. We had a fab time (more to follow soon, I promise!!) but of course one can not come empty handed.

So I made this bowl in my big throwing class as a present for them, it’s still way to thick at the base, which made it quite a challenge to take as handluggage. However, it made it safely through Paris and Singapore to Melbourne even though we had a hairy moment at customs with the swiss delicacies including chocolates and pate. But we were honest people, declared everything and were let through without any trouble so it could reach it’s final destination.

I had a little bit of trouble letting go as it’s the biggest piece I’ve made so far and I was really pleased how the glaze turned out with dripping colour variations. It was soooo shiny! But it belongs in Oz as I’d set out to make it for them since last summer already. We enjoyed some fabulous salads from it whilst in Melbourne and I hope their life together will be filled with yummy meals (not so difficult as Flick is a stellar cook!).


One Response to “Wedding gift”

  1. Di Says:

    It’s a fantastic bowl Eva! I am sure that Ed and Flick will treasure it forever!

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