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Still alive… May 6, 2008

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No need to panic people….I’ve not been eaten by Tasmanian devils! Although we saw quite a few of them, they were all friendly (and enclosed) so no danger there. Also not carried of by creepy crawlies or stuck on a deserted island (unfortunately). Just had a fantastic month in Tasmania seeing great friends, enjoying the sun, sea and country side and eating lots of yummy food. Settling in has taken a bit longer then expected and life has been busy as ever full of fun-filled weekends in the snow and sun.

Then last weekend was  a bank holiday and Barry and I went back to Dundee to catch up with friends, we had a fabulous time hanging out in old haunts and meeting everyone. However, I was semi-sternly reminded that they didn’t know what I was up to due to a lack of posts and so here we are….a lot has happened both in normal and crafty life so I’ll slowly try to catch up and fill you in on my travel and projects from recent months.


One Response to “Still alive…”

  1. Di Says:

    Hello from me!! It was so good to see you in Dundee at the weekend! Felt like old times….. hope you enjoyed the rest of your visit and I look forward to seeing some of your creations – I have missed the inspiration!!

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