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Cambodian warmth October 11, 2007

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The blog has been quiet for a while but life is just whizzing past me at the moment. I was in Paris the last weekend of September for the world cup rugby. Well, thats what I told Barry but the shopping, eating and culture were a big draw too :-). Then I spent last weekend with my brother walking in Kiental, tomorrow I’m off to the lake district for a girly weekend with my friends from Dundee and the last weekend of October we’re off to Berlin to visit Barry’s brother!


As you can understand, I’m not crafting so much in the mean time but I did manage to finish this bedspread I’ve been wanting to make for years! I bought this piece of silk fabric whilst traveling in Cambodia in 2005. It was a bit of an impulse buy spending our last Riel (their currency) before heading into Thailand. I’ve carried it with me since then as I love the colours but couldn’t decide what to do with it. I felt it was a shame to cut it, plus it wasn’t really enough to make anything big out of. So with autumn well and truly here, the nights are getting colder but it’s still too warm for the winter duvet. So I lined the edges with some orange cotton to make it a little bigger and sewed it together with batting in between.


I’m very pleased with the result! Not only have I finally found a use for it, the colors brighten and warm up the room. Specially early in the morning when the sun shines in and sparkles off the gold threads reminding me of the beautiful temples in South East Asia. Bring on autumn and winter cause I have my blanket to keep me warm!


2 Responses to “Cambodian warmth”

  1. India Says:

    Sweet use of the fabric – looks great,

  2. Di Says:

    Hi Eva
    It looks great! I agree – far too nice to have cut into it!!


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