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Celebtrating 1st August in style! August 1, 2007

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A non-crafty post but anyway….happy 1st August!! Also known as Swiss National Day, and we have been celebrating in style. In Basel, they have the customary huge fireworks display on the 31st July instead of the 1st so we could sleep in on our day off 🙂 So last night, we wandered along the Rhine, found ourselves a nice spot across from Les Trois Rois and waited for the fireworks to start. The council put on a fantastic show including dinghy races, skydivers landing in the water right in front of us, sparklers flying off into the air wired to helium balloons. Then at 23.15 a huge display of stunning fireworks with lots of variations. Very nice!

Then today, we had a lazy day with some cooking, a bike ride to France to buy Marie Claire Idées for a friend and then….the highlight of my day off….the first swim in the Rhine! When I moved here last October my colleagues were telling me about this. Every summer, when the water warms up people walk upstream, get into the Rhine and float down the current. I’ve been looking forward to this for the last 10 month and have been eagerly waiting till we could jump in! But after a promising April it hasn’t warmed up and the water has been pretty cold (16°C) and I didn’t fancy freezing. So today we finally we took the plunge: after being warm from the cycling, we bought ourselves a fishbag, stuffed our clothes in it, took a deep breath and jumped in! It was cold at first but it quickly warmed up and we enjoyed the ride. We went up and down twice (takes about 15 min) whilst floating past beautiful buildings, dried up in the sun and ate icecream. I’m totally hooked and will definitely be doing it again soon…probably tomorrow at lunchtime!


2 Responses to “Celebtrating 1st August in style!”

  1. Di Says:

    That sounds fantastic!! Can you imagine jumping in the Tay and doing that!! I would love to see you doing that!! Just floating gently down stream…..

    Thank you for cycling to France for me!! See you soon!! I’m off to book flights to Colorado tomorrow!!

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