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Sea in my living room… July 22, 2007

Filed under: Bowl,Pottery — Eva @ 11:59 am


One of my least favourite techniques in pottery is coiling. This is where you roll a tube of clay and coil this on top of itself to form the structure you want to make. Somehow the result is never quite what I want it to be: not smooth, either going to far in or out and it just reminds me of kindergarten projects. That was until a few weeks ago when my teacher showed me how to use this technique to create bigger vessels and how to smooth everything out. I have to confess it has risen rapidly to the top of my favourite techniques list and I think I’ll be making a few more bowl this way!


I created this bowl based on some things she had in her studio and was very keen to use the turqouise glaze that creates the “pinholing” effect. In addition, I like using the different shades of white/yellow that all have a slightly different shinyness/matness. I’m so pleased with the end result! Not only have the glazes merged beautifully but this funny bubbly effect has appeared on the side. It reminds me of beaches and sea foam and days at Tentsmuir beach near Dundee and has now a prominent place on our living room table.


4 Responses to “Sea in my living room…”

  1. Di Says:

    Hi Eva!
    This bowl is amazing! I never knew that there were so many techniques involved in pottery – but the finish on this bowl is just great! You are soon going to have a fabulous collection at home!

  2. weirdbunny Says:

    What a beautiful bowl. I’ve been on a few pottery courses, but never produced anything worthwhile. In fact on the last course the tutor let me buy her demonstration piece ~ Julia ~

  3. Melynn Says:

    I love this bowl…it’s spectacular! And the glaze is beautiful…so unusual. It does look like the sand and the sea.

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