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Warming shells July 10, 2007

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I love felt, I think it is a beautiful warm fabric where you can endlessly experiment with thickness, texture and colours by mixing different amounts and shades of wool. Felt is made by combining 3 layers of wool which are whetted with soapy warm water. You then rub the wool for ages until all the fibre have joined together leaving you with a nice piece of fabric. It’s a very pleasant and therapeutic process to go through but sometimes I lack the patience or time to rub the wool long enough.




These two tea cosies were the product of my experimenting to make felt faster by using a sander. A friend from my old knitting group told me about this technique where instead of using your hands the sander does the work (make sure you have a belt sander instead of a circular one and remove the sanding paper! Ones where the paper attaches by velcro don’t work). So I borrowed my friends sander and tried it out. It worked a treat with the pieces made in 5-10 min each but still being very thick and well joined.


I made two sheets of felt for each cosy and hand-sewed them together. I then decorated them with shells from my scavenging trips on the Scottish beaches by using a combination of needle felting them on with bits of wool and super-glue. The first one was for my friend Lisa, who is an interior designer and had told me she loves the architectural qualities of broken shells. The second one is for me and I used shells collected on a lovely summer walk last year with Diane to complement the pink and orange in the wool. It’s a great memory of the beaches in Fife and friends from Dundee with my morning cup of tea.


4 Responses to “Warming shells”

  1. Di Says:

    The tea cosies are just beautiful! As are the photographs! And the walk that day was still one of my best ever summer memories!!! Just a beautiful day!! I am glad that you have something to remind you of us every day!!

  2. Amanda Says:

    What a great idea- is that with roving, or with knitted fabric? Should that be obvious to me? LOL, I have knitted for years?

  3. Eva Says:

    This is just done with unspun woll (the thick wide strands; is that roving? not so up on my terminology) that are layered together….no knitting involved 🙂

  4. Amanda Says:

    Ah, yes, unspun wool- I have a bagful, maybe I should pull out my husband’s belt sander. 🙂

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